Jurrias The Stupendous

Prepare To Be Amazed! (And have your money plundered)



Race- Shade Elf

Class- Bard

Racial Ability- One With Shadow (You turn invisible at-will) Elven Accuracy (Reroll an attack roll once during an encounter)

Class Abilities- Majestic Word, Words Of Friendship

At-Wills- Vicious Mockery, War Song Strike

Encounter- Fast Friends

Daily- Stirring Shout

Jurrias was born into slavery to a cruel duke. After many years of abuse from his owner, Jurrias discovered solace in dark magic. After a few years of studying the arts of arcane magic, along the way learning how to read and write, Jurrias discovered that he could make contact to higher beings, powerful deities that could give him the one thing he ever wanted; freedom. Of course, freedom would come with a price. One night, Jurrias decided to make contact to one of these higher beings. The one he found was Tiamat, the Goddess of wealth, greed, envy, and vengeance. Jurrias immediately began to fall in love with the goddess, and he soon gave his soul unto the goddess. Tiamat, who actually saw potential in the young elf, and not to mention enjoyed his company, decided to do more than just give him power in exchange for his soul; she destroyed the castle in which Jurrias lived, killed his owner, and let all of the slaves go. After this, Jurrias started traveling the lands, telling tall-tales and using his shade powers for, well, not so favorable deeds.

Jurrias The Stupendous

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