The Motley Adventures.

First session

First session

The First session.
In the first session, the adventurers met up at a message board because they needed money. Carlito told the others that his friend, Jurrias, was in jail, so Phantom went to the jail, noticed 2 guards and went up and rolled a 20. So he killed them both, went inside and killed the guard in there, too. Then, Phantom set Jurrias free. Then the group went off to kill some bandits. They eventually found the camp, so Jurrias and Carlito go ahead and circle around to one of the flanks while Marshall goes and confronts them. He tries to talk with them as if he was looking to join, but the plan is foiled when the bandits discover Jurrias and Carlito. Marshall quickly grapples the leader, and thus starts the encounter. The group wins by a landslide, considering Luke, the death machine, showed up and eviscerated the entire camp. The team was left with one bandit that surrendered to the group, but no one cared about him. So, after Jurrias pissed in the mans face, Luke ate him. Yes, he ate him. Like, alive. Well, there goes the first session, and what have we learned? 1. I need to buff the NPCs. 2. Luke is fucking evil. And 3. Carlito tends to shoot Jurrias.

Kill count
| name | amount | good or evil |
| phantom | 7 | E |
| Marshall | 2 | G |
| Carlito | 2 | E |
| Jurrias | 1 | E |



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